Max Wardle

Max Wardle is an ambitious creator of music for film, video games, and more.


With a distinctive blend of traditional and modern sounds, he thrives on the opportunity to magnify the creativity of others through his music.


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ABout max

Max Wardle has been playing and writing music since he was a kid.  Trained as an orchestral percussionist at Utah State University under Dr. Jason Nicholson, Max has developed a robust understanding of musical theory and composition.


Music has influenced Max deeply throughout all chapters of his life.  Inspired by numerous, distinct artists ranging from classical orchestra to funk and rock, he loves to blend traditional instruments with electronic textures, creating a rich, vibrant atmosphere of sound.


Max's long term goals include writing music for name brand films and video games.  He uses a variety of equipment and software to record music, the foremost of which is currently Ableton Live.

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