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Looking for music?

  • Composition

$130 per minute of music produced

Composition is where I create a custom, professional musical narrative for use in your media project.  It is essential that I talk with my clients beforehand to get to know what you are looking for musically, how many minutes of music are needed, and any other details regarding the commission.  I do require a 25% deposit to create a first draft.  The rest is paid upon completion of the project.  I deliver a fully mixed and mastered final draft.

Already recorded your own music?

Mix & Master Rates
  • Mixing

$60 per hour spent mixing

Mixing is the process of balancing elements of a recorded track by adding dynamics, EQs, panning, reverb, delay and any other effects needed to make your song sound awesome.  Different song styles and ensembles require different amounts of time to mix depending on the quantity of instruments, effects, etc.  On average, mixing a song will take me 1-2 hours.

  • Mastering

$45 per hour spent mastering

Mastering is the process of ensuring that your mixed song or album sounds cohesive and maintains excellent playback quality across different types of sound systems.  On average, mastering a song will take me 1 hour.

Have a project in mind that I can help with?

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